Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll Get Me Coat

A few weeks ago I was invited along to an A|Wear press day, as I occasionally manage to pass myself off as a fashion blogger of sorts somehow. Whilst having a nosy around their forthcoming Autumn stock, a certain coat reminded me of something. Last year I blogged about (read: got obsessed with) a coat that the ridetabulous Zooey Deschanel wore in Yes Man, how it turned out to be from a vintage shop and as such, disappointingly could not be had. Even now, I still get hits from people desperately Googling "zooey deschanel yes man navy coat", and my favourite search term so far:

"i want mother effing zooey deschanel navy freaking peacoat!"

So frustrated and yet too polite to even swear properly. Aw.

So, to the A|Wear coat at hand. Namely this navy and red schoolgirl coat, which is out now, costs €70 and really, seeing as Zooey's coat was a magical one-off, it's not an altogether bad substitute, no?


  1. Makes me wish I had proper proportions - soldier jackets look awful on me but I love them so much :(

    that one is gorgeous!

  2. ahh i searched everywhere last winter for that very coat inspired by that very girl and only urban outfitters had an expensive version.
    so delighted by this one!

  3. WOW! Well spotted, Kitty Cat!

  4. It reminds me of the coat I fell in love with and lived in all last winter..hope it brings you similar joy x

  5. Wow - great little find. A-wear at its best - how much do I love navy and red together!!!

  6. Oh it's very lovely indeed, i insist you buy it.
    I'm not allowed look at coats in shops any more, on my last count i had 11, and i bought another since then so that's 12. whoops.

  7. Good job! I want that coat!

  8. That's the coat! I remember that post - that's the actual coat! You asked, the Universe delivered. Next time ask for something with money in it...

  9. Ah, I KNEW that A Wear coat reminded me of something...

  10. I got this coat! I totally love it. I recently bought a new phone and the girl at the counter said 'i love your coat...have you ever seen a film called Yes Man?'. Brilliant moment, definitely worth the 70 euros xx

  11. It is amazing that coat, im literally watching it right now thinking that is the coat I need! I found a beautiful coat that was practically the same without the red lining from topshop, someone stole it at a club and I have been searching ever since :( got it in 2008 so the chances are unlikely xxx


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