Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Better Than Celine Dion, Apparently

Some of you may already be familiar with the whimsical work of Eleventy Four, as I've previously posted videos to her songs here and here, and while many of us were Picnicking our socks off over the weekend, Eleventy was busy cooking up her new site, which can be found here.

I highly recommend that you wander over for a nosy around, partly so I can get around to developing my fisheye photos from Electric Picnic and ascertain whether they're actually any good and/or worth using in an EP post (given the state I was in for much of the weekend) and also to give myself a chance to recuperate and remember what the hell we actually got up to whilst drinking in a field for 3 days. But also because she's lovely and deadly in equal measures.


  1. oh the eleventy goodness!
    chop chop!! i want details on Janelle Monae! x

  2. Patience, Mulq. The post is in the oven!


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