Saturday, September 25, 2010

Battle Of The Bears

I think it's safe to say that pretty much everyone loves the Fox's bissquits panda Vinnie, what with the cute little head on him and his fluffy mafioso charm. But there's a new bear on the block. Birdseye have taken it upon themselves to impose on tellies everywhere a judgemental polar bear that lives in people's freezers. I don't like him. He creeps me out. Also, he's voiced by Willem Defoe, so they might as well slap a flashing neon sign with VILLIAN! on it over his head. Therefore I propose another TV smackdown in the manner of my previous Cardassians vs Kardashians brainwave. Ad Bear (Polar) vs Ad Bear (Panda). Vinnie could take that creepy dot-eyed sociopath down to Chinatown without even leaving his armchair. For real.


  1. I think I'm with the Freezer Bear...the Panda actually freaks me out!

  2. @ Hermia - You're ALL kinds of wrong m'lady!

    @ Radge - Precisely. Sinister and threatening. It just won't do.

  3. Pandas just straight rag on my nerves. All they have to do to survive on this planet is procreate and they're too lazy to do that. Everyone also forgets that underneath the cutesy colour scheme, it's still a ruddy bear. He'll eat you and stuff.

  4. oh now, i must disagree! at least freezer bear doesnt try to hide his sinister undertone.
    panda bear is all "buda bing buda boom, oh i pronounciate things so cutely" but do you think he won't pop a cap in you ass?

    plus freezer bear looks really cuddly.

  5. Finally, someone else who doesn't think he's adorable.

    "Hello Fiona ... what's this?"

    "Remember Fiona ... I'm watching ..."

    *SHUDDER* sooo creepy.

  6. @ notRuairi - Nonsense, the worst a panda will do is eat some bamboo and maybe fall asleep on you.

    @ Mulq - But the way he says BISSQUITS is so lovely and endearing! Also, freezer bear would be all cold and icy and therefore not nice to cuddle at all.

    @ KC - Super creepy. Agreed.


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