Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Table Top Hotties

Since we got our sexy table, the Bear and I have had to balance our cups o'tay on various old issues of Style magazine or whatever else came to hand, to avoid the heat from the mugs messing with its lacquered surface. So when we came upon these cheeky pin-up girl tiles at a market in Amsterdam, they seemed like the perfect method of not melting Greta Garbo's face with tea. Success!

At the same market we also picked up this 1950s style table lighter for a scandalous €2. You're welcome, sexy table!


  1. Bargain lighter! And it's totally gorgeous, heavy too though I'd say, doubles as a paperweight, everyone should have one. The tiles are perfect too, I love it when a plan comes together!

  2. Lilly - Mise freisin! They had a huge box of lighters like it and they were all only €2, it was mad. Great little market, aside from all the usual dusty junk!

  3. Nice lighter. Just screams "style".

  4. Darren - In a good way I hope!


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