Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comrade Kitty

Although it's now August and technically Autumn, this particular month is always regarded as summer, is it not? It is by me. Which makes my latest purchase all the more pre-emptive, it being a coat more suited for winter style weather and general coldness. But whilst wandering around TK to the Maxx and being relieved that it wasn't frantically mobbed, (I can last about four seconds in there when it's busy before I want to start kneecapping folk) I came upon this coat of loveliness in a fetching military green for €50.

I can't wait for winter so I can stalk the streets of Dublin pretending to be a Russian spy. Keeping with the Soviet theme, I came upon this t-shirt in Penneys for a fiver (a FIVER like, Jaysus I love Penneys) which cheekily rips off Alexander Rodchenko's Shout poster.

Now where did I put those night vision goggles...


  1. LOVE!!! and how timely as my Moscow cousins have been home visiting this last weeek x

  2. i would never have known this was zooey! i've been spying these billboards all around town, they are quite fun, i think i prefer the blue one.. i just cant get my head around that being her in the blonde!!


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