Sunday, July 04, 2010

Stripperella Slippers

Whilst reading Go Fug Yourself recently for an occasional dose of bitchy fluff about famous people's clothes, there was a post about this Taylor Momsen bird. I reluctantly know that she is/was in Gossip Girl and now fancies herself as a singer or something. I wish I could be cool and not have a clue who she is, but I have a stupid ability to retain information about actors and actresses, to the point that I've been referred to as KMDb more than once.


In this particular post she was being berated for dressing like a skanky ho-bag, or at the very least for dressing wildly inappropriately for someone on the wrong side of statutory. Taylor's latest jailbait outfit included a pair of stripper shoes. And not just any kind of stripper shoes:

Stripper shoes WITH A BUILT IN TIP JAR. Seriously, click the picture to enlarge to see the dollars in the platform of her shoes. There's so many filthy euphemisms that could be made here about coin slots (which these shoes inevitably have), but I'm really not going there. While I do realise that these shoes are pretty knacktastic, quite a large part of me thinks that they're kind of genius and I really like them.

Don't you judge me.


  1. *judging you*

    methinks the shoes are the least of her crimes against fashion in that photo.

  2. Stop that!

    But yes, it is quite a bad ensemble.

  3. Urgh I hate her!!! But yeah, I have to love those shoes if only for the jokes I can make....I do love ragging on her!

  4. By the looks of things, she makes it rather easy. I still think those shoes are great though.

  5. Your post reminds me of a regrettable billboard spotted outside Albuquerque on the entrance ramp to Highway 40: "Hollywood Hotties: Our Slots Put Out."

    I bet they had these shoes, too.

  6. Kelle - Hilariously GENIUS!

    Therese - Good lord! Workin' hard for the money no doubt.

  7. Yes. I too need those shoes in my life. They'd be a conversation starter if nothing else, and I LIKE that kind of conversation.

  8. This is my first Irish blog... it's a classic. wow. i'm going to follow you in Pakistan.

  9. Thank you for bringing these shoes into my life. Thank you even more for directing me to Go Fug Yourself - hooked!

  10. Have you seen the ones with a little fish swimming around in the platform. I'm sure ISPCA would have a lot to say about it but they are even more ridiculously tacky-amazing than these ones!
    Love the blog by the way!

  11. ahahahahaha, what a great gigglefest. i too retain completely irrelevant bits of information about slebs and it's so embarrassing. spesh when i answer general musings from people in a tourettes manner.
    anyway, to the shoes at hand. y' know, it could have been totally ironic, and therefore kinda acceptable had she not got the whole junky-stripper-chic ensemble on to begin with.

  12. The thing I am thinkin about is what would happen if those "tip jar" soles were filled with pennys?!?! Would she be able to lift her feet????

    Is that the wrong thing to think about?


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