Tuesday, July 13, 2010

O My Love, Ow My Neck

Check it. New video from The Dead Flags for their ridiculously catchy song O My Love, O My God, off their equally fantabulous album, Gentlemen's Club.

One Saturday a few weeks ago, the Bear and I danced our bottoms off for two solid hours in The Joinery in Stoneybatter as part of the sexy crowd in this very video. We also ended up spending the following Sunday in unbelievable pain, taking turns to lie on the couch and wincing when we had to reach for the remote. The Bear messed up his neck for the day, but it made for some spectacular slow motion headbanging shots in the final cut, so it wasn't for nothing. Being a dancing girl in a video is certainly not as easy as it looks. Especially not the next day, when filming was followed by an almighty session. The kind where it's daylight when you're going home to bed. I do love that particular kind.

(Also, if you're looking for something to do of a Friday night, this Friday night that is, the boys are playing the Clockwork Apple show upstairs in Whelan's. Tenner in, 8pm. Do it.)


  1. You're faaaaamous!

  2. looks like sweaty fun. you coming to see Annie's exhibition in the selfsame joinery next thursday?

  3. Hermia - I know right? Totally worth the whiplash.

    Rosie - T'was the very sweatiest of fun! I can't make it to Annie's exhibition unfortunately, I'll be drunking it up in Amsterdam for the week. Would love to have gone, I know it'll be great.

  4. In the pink top, visible for all of a second with hair flying in my face!


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