Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Bear and I got back from Amsterdam yesterday, having survived seven days of Dutch shenanigans. The subsequent time has been spent in a heap on the couch, catching up on telly (Britain's Next Top Model, The IT Crowd and the really quite good nudey-fest Spartacus: Blood & Sand), other blogs and finishing the Steig Larsson books (which I am loving despite myself and my previous condecension for this idiot Girl Who Plays With Matches and Kicks Bees In The Face. I'm totally sold). Between that and being practically asleep at my desk for the most of the morning today, proper blogging will have to wait just a little longer. Soon my pretties. Soon.


  1. i'll put your extreme tiredness down to the fact you like that spartacus tripe.

  2. Is this Spartacus thing really popular?

    Everyone I know seems to be getting into it and I haven't a frick what's going on...I feel like the nerdy (slightly nerdier, even, if I'm truly honest) kid of my school days again...So out of the loop...

  3. Murzipan - It's ridiculously violent with a surprising amount of naked people in it, but I've really gotten into it! Charlie Brooker nailed it in his review here.


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