Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Twist in the Tail

This is a little teapot/teacup combination dealy which I own. What I like about it is that the two gossiping ladies look like they have tails. I do realise that its actually some manner of nice twirly seat that they're sitting on, but I've decided that they have tails and that's it. I like it when people have tails. Not like inbred, mountain-folk type deformity tails, but proper big floofy tails like Squirrel Girl.

See? I didn't make her up.

Also, the whole people with tails thing reminds me of the super fascinating 19th century French actress Sarah Bernhardt. I do love me an eccentric old bird, and Sarah certainly delivers. She had a coffin she sometimes slept in and preferred to take on roles where the character died at the end. She also collected chairs and had six chameleons and a lion as pets at home. (What is it with these 19th century eccentrics and their big cats?)

Anyway, my favourite mad thing about Sarah is that she apparently asked a surgeon to attach a tiger tail to her spine, but he told her it was impossible. The jerk. How amazing would it have been to go see Hamlet and the leading man is not only actually a lady but has a freaking TAIL onstage? I would go see that. Anyway, it's probably not actually true, but I choose to ignore this fact and have decided it is. Just like my teapot ladies have tails and are NOT sitting on chairs.


  1. Lol, it wasn't possible back THEN, but what about now, hmmmm? :D


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