Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Easy Rider

A few weeks ago, the Bear got a heads up on a casting call for an ad where they needed big hairy biker types. Now, the Bear isn't actually a biker (seeing as he doesn't have a bike) but could most certainly pull the look off with aplomb. That's right, APLOMB. He had two days to get his act together and dress the part for casting day, which meant I spent a Wednesday rifling through charity shops from Capel Street to Camden Street, in the search for Things A Biker Might Wear. The coolest thing I found, by a long shot, was this belt buckle for a fiver. A fiver I tells ya!

I also found the Harley Davidson bandana in the photo, which he keeps threatening to wear in real life. In fact, he had actually been threatening to get one for a while instead of a haircut, but I wouldn't let him. I've since begun to wonder whether the entire thing was a scam for him to get a bandana.

The crafty bastard.


  1. Lol, you've got to give him props for creativity if it is a big scam! :P

    When's the casting call?

  2. It was the week before last and unfortunately he didn't get it. Which leads me even more to suspect it being a scheme all along...

  3. Mwahahahaha! You can mock me all you like oh Kitty my Cat, but it was you who gifted unto me said bandana; setting me free (like dobby*) so I can rock the shit out of it biker style (or not as the case is; due to the older, bigger, better actual bikers who beat me to it).

    * If you're in the form for some silly Harry Potter related tunes try myspacedotcom/dobbyandthehouseelves

    It's very silly and rather fun, which seems quite apt for a Friday afternoon.


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