Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here, enjoy some sideboob

Lately, lovely Dita Von Teese (who I love, in case you hadn't guessed by now), has taken to flogging Cointreau. As such, they've made a "webisode" (read: glorified ad) featuring lovely Dita as the surprisingly pale Mexican bird who invented the margarita. I'm not sure if I like the particular portmanteau that comes of smashing "web" and "episode" together, it's a bit jarring or forced or something. What I DO like is looking at lovely Dita and the video in question. So let us partake in gawping at the veritable ride which she, in fact, is.

Ahh. Wasn't that nice? If you want to see the moving version of these very pictures, then the web episode (take that, Marketing! I won't bow to your made-up words! Although I will plug your ads seeing as I have an unfailing fascination with your spokesride) can be found here.


  1. Spokesride is my new favourite word. This year's Eurovision will be sorely missing Dita Von Teese's waistline.

  2. Ha, spread the word and hopefully it'll appear in an official statement some day. Every major televised event is missing Dita's waistline really.

  3. I have always found Dita very over-rated. She does nothing for me.


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