Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hey Roomie!

Check out the steely alien gaze of Tommy Wiseau (middle). There can be only one.

I've previously blogged about the cinematic wonder that is The Room over on and attended a SoundCheck screening back in March. I also happened to mention a screening that would take place in May which one of the cast members, Greg Sestero (Mark), would be at. That fortuitous and magical evening has been and gone and last Thursday night was one of the most surreal and hilarious experiences I've had in quite a long time. For the uninitiated, The Room is the demented masterpiece of Tommy Wiseau, the actor/director/producer/writer of this film, he's something like the polar opposite of Orson Welles, with The Room often referred to as "the Citizen Kane of bad movies". That should have been bad in capital letters, actually. And that wouldn't even begin to cover how terrible it is. Here's the trailer, just to give you a feel for the glorious mess that it is.


With myself and the Bear that night, among lovely others were two thirds of The Dead Flags, EleventyFour (who got recognised on the night as "that girl from the TV licence ad"), and B (to whom we are eternally grateful for introducing us to The Room). Now, Eleventy and one of the Flags had never seen the film before and honestly, it was JUST as entertaining to watch their expressions of horror and bewilderment as it was to watch the screen.

The thing with these screenings is that there's a lot of audience participation, much like Rocky Horror. One of the biggest things, along with roaring general abuse at the characters, is to shout 'SPOOONS!" and fire plastic spoons at the screen whenever the weird framed pictures of, you guessed it, spoons, dotted around the apartment set come into view. This was the scene after the movie was finished:

Spoons ahoy!

Carnage o'clock. After the screening and before the Q&A with the actually-great-craic Greg Sestero, there was a competition for a signed tshirt, where contestants has to roar the famous(ish) "YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA!" line, which can be seen in the trailer. At the time of calling for contestants, I found myself herded onstage by B and the Bear and had to get the biggest cheer from the crowd. And guess what? I only went and fecking well won. GO ME.

During the Q&A, Greg came off as an absolute legend, well able to take the piss out of himself and the film, which was good seeing as many questions were along the lines of :"what were you thinking?". So seeing as my obsession with The Room shows no signs of abating, I went and got my photo with him.


So, to summarise:

They screen it once a month so get thineself over to their Facebook page to check when it's on again. Because words cannot describe.

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