Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Graffiti Boy

Old Man FM, or 4FM as it's also known have this as one of their billboard ads of late. When I saw it, it put me in mind of how I met my first boyfriend. I was in Sixth Year and there was a supervised study that used to run for Leaving Cert students a few evenings a week after school. Everyone had a designated place to sit in the study hall, which used to have these huge tables that around four people would sit at. They were metal tables painted grey and as such were really easy to doodle and write on.

One evening I was sat at my table and instead of doing homework, I proceeded to draw the band logos for the likes of Slayer, Pantera, The Offspring, Machine Head, Nirvana etc etc. I was something of a metalhead back then and a rubbish goth, seeing as I was way too smiley to really pull the whole thing off. Anyway, I had built up quite a little gallery on this table over a few weeks and one day I noticed that someone else had been adding to my doodle collection. Then some other person scrawled about how crap they thought all those bands were across MY heavy metal table, the cheeky fuck. So I proceeded to slag them off, via more scrawling and Mystery Doodler Friend wrote something like "Stick it to the scobe!" in agreement with me. (It was a bit like blogging using a table and a pen, now that I think of it.) So somehow we ended up having little conversations, all through the medium of this mild act of vandalism, until he wrote his email address down.

After that, we exchanged emails and spoke on MSN Messenger and in the meantime I had figured out who he was. It wasn't too difficult seeing as there weren't many people in my school who wore Coal Chamber t-shirts to PE and were into that type of music in general. Eventually we started talking in real life and it pretty much went from there.

Unfortunately he turned out to be a controlling, jealous, possessive douchebag, and after a year and a half we called it quits. One messy breakup and five years later, I get an email from he who was later to became the Bear through a dating site I had joined. Now it's an altogether different story, seeing as he's just brilliant, so it's a much better conclusion this time around.

It also appears that I'm incapable of initiating relationships in real life. Fuck it, at least I don't need to now. YEAH.


  1. Awh that's such a cute meeting story!!!! (although tut-tut at the table-deforming :P) Pity about the end though!

  2. I was such a good girl, afraid the nun would get me if she clocked me drawing on desks. She had eyes in the back of her head, I swear!

  3. Hermia - Yeah, I got a good story out of it at least!

    VL - Those scary nuns. Needless to say, there were none in my school.

  4. Ha, it look liked Gerry Adams himself had attacked my desk from supervised study towards the end of the year coz of the amount of times I had writen 'IRA' all over it.

  5. JPP - Yep, seems like Supervised Study is really just two hours of bored teenagers vandalising their desk!

  6. Ha! Brilliant. I love that you called someone a 'cheeky fuck'. I'm going to try and use that expression 5 times tomorrow.

  7. Lilly - I hope you succeed with that!


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