Saturday, May 01, 2010

Charlie Who?

On the absolute offchance that Charlie Brooker Googles his name so exhaustively that he was to come across this particular mention of him on le Interweb, allow me to say:


I wonder if adding Charlie Brooker, Charlie Brooker, Charlie Brooker, Charlie Brooker to this post will shunt it slightly higher up the search results. I will await an email wherein he expresses his agreement to this offer from Random Girl Blogger on the Internet. Your move, Charlton.

Come on Brooker, let's not fight this any more.

The Bear recently bought me the Charlie collection of Dead Set on DVD, Dawn of the Dumb and The Hell Of It All because he's deadly like that. (He also drunkenly stole a poster from Whelan's for a Talulah Does The Hula gig because he thought I might like it. Aw. I do, as it happens.) Needless to say, all this has only added to my enthusiasm for the grouchy telly critic. I've been enjoying his C4 show You Have Been Watching, although I tend to find myself wishing it was actually Screenwipe or Newswipe and that he could just spend the entire show being cross about idiots on TV and not be held back by the superflous quiz format.

Other things I've been liking include the new series of Doctor Who. I'm quite excited about tonight's episode with the frankly terrifying Weeping Angels, seeing as the crafty bastards left it To Be Continued last week. I've also been entertained by the Internet rantings of Very Serious Fans who were appalled at the sexy new Daleks. I quite like the Dell laptop makeover they've received.

I'll take a purple one, if you don't mind.


EDIT: Don't worry Bear, I won't really run away with Charlie Brooker. Probably.


  1. *touch wood*

    I recently got a dell laptop purely for the purpleness. . .

    I was warned not to get one, so here's hoping it stays alive!

  2. Barley Chucker1 May 2010 at 18:54

    Come on then.

  3. But it's a purple Dalek that I want Emily!

    Barley - You tease.

  4. The bear is like the fella at the Tom Jones concert who doesn't mind his wife throwing her knickers at the stage. 'Sure it doesn't matter where she gets her appetite so long as she comes home for her supper'.

  5. You're probably not wrong Lemur, I did add the edit at the end after he read it and looked at me all wide-eyed and said "You're not allowed to run away with Charlie Brooker!" Just as well I don't want my supper anywhere else really.

  6. I have a Red Dell myself. It's grand for me provided you don't use Internet Explorer

    I love the new Doctor who but I'm not sure about the Daleks now

  7. Ah they're grand, I just think it's funny that people are getting their knickers in a twist over them. I'm LOVING the new series, all good episodes thus far.


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