Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ya Wanna Be On Top?

Like a lot of girls, I seem to be programmed to love makeovers. I can't help it. The makeover episode of America's Next Top Model is universally regarded as THE BEST ONE in every series.

Look at these foolish models cry because they have short hair now! The shallow idiots!

But the best kind of makeover, I reckon, is the really fast one. This may be the reason that I secretly kind of like (I say secretly but that's actually a total lie) Snog Marry Avoid? For the fact that there's minimum feck-acting about, there's just a bit of banter between the freakishly orange, nearly naked lady and the fake robot (I wonder if that's how they pitched the idea) and then bzzz-ping! Done and done, hey look at her lovely bobbed haircut and floaty gĂșna! Great.

As such, my favourite movie makeover, hands down (or in this case, where I can see them) is Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies. When Jamie is fooled into thinking she has to act like a fancy prostitute by Arnie (GET TO DA CHOPPER!) she undergoes a deadly transformation in the hotel hallway.

Rippin some bits off the dress...collar and frilly bit on the end begone...

Makeup, makeup...bit of water...splishy splashy

Fix your boobs...strike a pose...ta daaa! Fancy hooker a go go!

Of course then there's the scene that follows. Apparently it's been voted the Number 1 movie striptease ever or something. So now. Consider yourselves informed.


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*There's no cake. I'm sorry. I lied.


  1. Song Marry Avoid is class. Best one ever was that extremely orange young fella who kinda looked like Cillian Murphy when they took off all the slap.

  2. Yeah the boys makeovers are nearly better actually, cos they're always so demented looking at the beginning!

  3. the best bit in SMA (snog marry avoid) is the bit where they have to guess what the public will say about them. Like it's always avoid always i mean have they not watched it themselves or do they think they'll be the exception? The stupid bitch wha..

  4. Haha! So true, do they not know what they look like in daylight, the scary heads on them!

  5. CLASSIC!!!!!!!


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