Monday, April 26, 2010


Things I've learned this weekend: only go to Rody's when there's a match on the day after and when very drunk! | Vodka and lime is nice if a bit too sweet therefore a double vodka and lime is called for | New words always come from someone saying one thing and someone else hearing another, ie Quwadelubeh! it's the happy high you get from a feed of beer from the night before, well it is now anyway! | Sunny weather does not always necessarily mean warm weather. | Michael Jackson looks good as a chiwawa, just have a look at the new card stand in A|wear on Grafton Street and I defy you not to laugh!

Also if anyone happens to watching "Republic of Telly" tonight I might be seen some where in the audience. A last minute change of plans and BOOM I'm finally in the door of RTE. It's a goodun tonight (not just because I'm there) but also for what Jennifer Maguire says to Michael O'Leary!

Bring it!


I ran eight miles this morning!


  1. You ran 8 miles? Eff me, i can only manage 1 before collapse into a red puffing heap.

    Go you!

  2. Holy crap, nice going T Bird! I can just about dress myself in the morning, never mind run 8 miles. Have a reminder set for Republic of Telly!

  3. forget double vodka and's all about southern comfort and lime in the world of Blau x

  4. Eight miles?! In the morning?!! Jesus. I can barely get dressed!


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