Thursday, April 01, 2010

Le LetterBox Dublin

I subsribe to "Le Cool" every week or so and it's pretty good. It has a good mix of what's on in dublin for the next two weeks like the chemist mentioned in Ulyses and what they are doing to try and keep it opened as a place of interest although if yiz are going to read from Ulyses in there then forgetta bout it, that just sounds like a bunch of douchebags with stripey scarfs trying to make themselves sound smart, if it were me I wouldn't do the reading except on Blooms Day as this would make it more of an event.

Anyway I also found this little gem in it too which i thought was really rather sweet.

The old post boxes of Dublin are full of history. If, because of road works perhaps, you ever get to see the foundations of one, you may find that its base is still painted red, since the days prior to 1922. When I lived beside a house that had once been the home of James Joyce, I often imagined that I was walking in his footsteps as I strolled to the post box on the corner, letter in hand. Post boxes are full of potential too. There’s a very unique post box on Dame Lane at the end of George’s Street. This special wooden box is the portal for the Interactive Street Art Project. Here you can post a letter to God, to a stranger or to the past, or even share a secret, based on a monthly changing theme. The current theme is ‘Your inner child.’ What does yours look like?

This weeks subscriptions can be found here.


  1. That's an amazing idea!!!

  2. That's such a lovely idea!!

    Have you head about the french-Irish Literary festival? They've left books around dublin which people can track and return or place in 'in the wild' on

  3. @chick indeed it is. Are you going to write a letter?

    @Emily Love that idea. Are the books in all French sounds very romantic! :-)

  4. Viola

    (that's all the french i know lol)

    Mixture of Irish and French lit all about Dublin!!


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