Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Grinds My Gears

Some things that have been annoying me lately:

The new Magnum Gold ad. Mostly due to the fact that they're insisting on calling it Magnum Gold?! Which has to be the worst pairing of exclamation and question marks I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. What's the story like, are they not quite sure if it's actually a Magnum Gold, but at the same time they're excited about it? It's awful, unnecessary and makes me die a little inside whenever I see it.

Also, why in the name of all that is chocolatey is Benicio del Toro fronting this ridiculous ad campaign? The telly ad is confusing, since it looks like Angelina Jolie is in it too but it turns out to be just some bird that sort of looks like her. Just get off my telly.

Facebook groups that don't let you see what the OMG YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS LOL etc point of them is until you "Become a fan". Just tell me what it is or fuck the fuck off. (Saying this, I have increasingly been coming across many groups that describe my life in ridiculous detail, such as Trying To Sound Awake On The Phone While Still In Bed At A Ridiculous Time, Realising how drunk you are when alone in the toilet, I don't remember getting this bruise.. and The Mini Spaz Attack When You're In Bed, Half Asleep And Imagine You're Falling.)

Kick Ass. Are the Bear and I the ONLY people in the world who thought it was rubbish? It probably didn't help that we had seen Aaron Johnson interviewed on Jonathan Ross beforehand, where he came across as the most unlikeable pint of no craic the whole time he was on. So as soon as he came on screen we each just thought "here's this sulky fucker again." It's overhyped and not very good at all.

CJ off Eggheads. Because he's a smug cunt.

Ah. That's better.


Also, I've been less cross and altogether more excited while talking about The Dead Flags over on Culch.ie of late. Sure why not have a look?


  1. I have to disagree on the Kick Ass element, but solidly agree on the Magnum Gold one. The fact that it's Benicio Del Toro and a second division equivalent of Rachel McAdams mean I can't help but look at the screen whenever it comes on. Bizarrelymore, it's directed by Brian Singer. Academy award-nominated, X Men 1&2-directing, House M.D.-producing Brian fucking Singer and Acadaemy Award-winning Benicio Del Toro! Advertising ice cream!?!! What the hell could HB have in their coffers that enticed these people to do these ads? Allegedly, there will be a series of them...

  2. I think the whole world seems to disagree with mine and the Bear's opinion of Kick Ass, but I'm learning to deal with that!

    As for those stupid ads. What is Singer playing at? 50% Ocean's Eleven, 50% Mr & Mrs Smith, 100% shite on a stick.

  3. Yes! Thank fuck for this post. I was waiting for someone to scream lyrical about that fucking, omnipresent ad.

    I can't bear the bit where she bites into the ice cream, goes through me.

    As for Benny The Bull, his next project is a rom-com with Kate Hudson. It seems a long time since 21 Grams. The cut of him. Wolfman my hole. Sell out cunt.

    Kick Ass had one great scene, for me. The rest was utmostly forgettable.

    I'm still full of last night's firewater.

  4. Go on Radge, vent-o-rama! I'm just glad someone else in the world doesn't rabidly love Kick Ass. Seeing as it was mostly shite and all.

  5. I wish I'd found this post before I first watched Kick Ass (and by "watched," I mean, "sat through approximately 30 minutes while experiencing increasing rage until my boyfriend mercy-ejected the DVD"). The last straw was the gleeful depiction of a pre-teen, at her father's prompting, murdering a terrified prostitute who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hated hated hated it; love that I'm not alone after all.


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