Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fighting On The Planet's Side

Dear God I'm much too hungover today to blog coherently. Also I somehow managed to bruise the palm of my hand. How does that even happen? A lot of fun was had last night though in celebration of Mazatron's birthday, what with the smuggling of Jameson into the pub (because it transpires that I'm actually a total knacker), trying to show T Cup how to Time Warp and conversations about how rubbish the "heart" power was in Captain Planet. Although the Bear later reminded me that there was an episode where they combined their powers without that irritating heart kid for some reason and as a result Captain Planet came out all mean and uncaring. So I suppose they did need him really. Anyway, hangover aside I will pull myself together just enough to say how much I love this ad for MAC's Viva Glam campaign with Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga. Of course, that's mostly due to the fact that it looks like it was shot in a cartoon bordello.

Gaga looks gorgeous altogether and Lady Lauper seems to be just the right side of Photoshopped-ta-Jaysus in that she's more or less recognisable at least. Hot stuff.

So just because it's amazing, here's the opening and closing credits to Captain Planet. Unfortunately it turns out that it's impossible to find a version of the frankly FANTASTIC closing song that doesn't have some announcer fucknut talking over it. Nonetheless, I dare you to try NOT to sing along. It just can't be done.




    wow now i must go find this episode where he was mean . . .

  2. What a blast from the past. Didn't recognise the name but as soon as I saw it I remembered how much I loved it. No prizes for guessing what's gonna be playing on my internal duke box all day!

  3. Funnily enough Captain Planet is the ring tone for my Friend C who adored it! And yeah, the Heart Kid was the worst. I always wanted to be wind!

  4. D'ya remember the Captain Planet where they go to Northern Ireland to try and sort out the Catholic/Prostestant situation


    I used to play a Captain Planet game on my Amiga 600. Awesome.

  5. Captain Planet was the shit! I was mad into that show and Power Rangers and Sailor Moon, did ye have Sailor Moon over here?

  6. Emily - I know, I tried to find it cos it sounded so familiar but no luck yet..

    Likemam - Once it gets in your head it NEVER LEAVES. It's been stuck in my brain for about two days now.

    Titch - Yeah, Linka the foxy Russian was pretty cool. I wanted to be water so I could play with dolphins.

    Voodoo - I never saw it on telly, but have seen it on t'internet since. Good old Captain Planet sorting out sectarian violence. It's clearly all in the mullet.

    Jelly - No Sailor Moon over in 90s Ireland I'm afraid. A hearty diet of Thundercats, She Ra, Dogtanian and The Raccoons did nicely though.

  7. ah yes cpt planet how gay was he! dont rem talking about him on fri but there ya go such is life! and time warping yea had me a flash back to that think i was dancing a different time warp to k though!


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