Thursday, March 04, 2010

She Works Haaard For The Money

So I've only gone and got myself a job.

That's right, a JOB! Fancy that!

Despite the fact that an hour before the interview I managed to get trapped in a dress in a Penney's changing room in a panicked I-need-a-different-outfit-because-the-one-I-was-going-to-wear-is-actually-WAY-too-short situation. That'll teach me to live in torn jeans and dresses that turn out to have much too high a hemline. When I finally figured out that the zip had only gone down halfway I managed to free myself from my floaty floral prison, buy the damn thing and make myself look as presentable as I could manage. Armed with insider information that the organisation I was to be interviewed by loved the Obama campaign, off I went on my nervous way.

This is the flowery trap I got myself in.
We've since become friends and I quite like it now.
(I don't actually have a giant Hello Kitty head in real life. Not all the time anyway.)

I met the Bear for lunch right afterwards and tried to relay what they had asked me and what I had said.

I had no idea.

All I did know was that I rambled like fuck on some answers and praised the bejaysus out of the Obama campaign design, retrospectively hoping that I hadn't gone all Randy Marsh on their asses.

(This is actually hilarious if you've seen the Obama episode of South Park. Really.)

Anyway I somehow managed to pull it off and am now jobsharing with another designer, leaving me with 2-3 days off a week during which I can watch a fuckload of Murder She Wrote, thanks to the witchcraft contained in the digital tv recording box we now have.

Series link?

Why yes. Yes in-motherfucking-deed.


  1. Sweet, congrats on the new job and the pretty new dress!

  2. Congratulations on the job. And completely agree, that episode of South Park is freaking awesome.x

  3. lets hope she keeps this one, OHHHHH BOOM!!!

  4. Thanks guys! (Said to T with sarcasm though. Ya cah!)

  5. ha. hilarious. who hasn't experienced last-minute-interview-fashion-panic.i once sat with my dress inside out. but you just have to develop an overpowering interview tic that compels them to look; letting fashion disaster take a background.


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