Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kitty Galore

A while ago, I struck retro red anchor motherflippin' GOLD whilst charity shop shopping with the Bear. And I do believe I've done it again. Behold my lastest charity shop bargain, the sixties Bond girl wondergĂșna!

I was actually supposed to be chopping and peeling various vegetables for dinner in the time I was doing this, but decided this was much more fun.

And guess how much my quite short but pretty deadly new dress cost?


That's right, two and a half eurobucks. Suck on that, recession.


  1. im jealous.fact

  2. AMAZING, Kitty Cat!!! I really wish I didn't have that weird fear of used clothes...I miss out on so many bargains *sigh*

  3. Kitty Kat shows her fashion sense for just two hundred and fifty pence. (I'm having a rhyming comments day.)

  4. Blau: Danke! Haven't a clue what shoes to wear with it though.

    Hermia: Really? Just wash 'em before you wear then! It'll be like borrowing a friend's clothes. Only the friend is actually a stranger and you get to keep their clothes.

    Lemur: Nice!

    T Cup: You're one to talk, Miss Pout!

  5. Jaysus! That's gorge, and only 2.50!!

  6. roight cos i photo shop that pout on. also i'm seeing flat brogs and i'm seeing FMB's. (in my sleep) Your red shoes would be nice with it too to moderise is a wee bit. how come we never went charity shop shopping anyway. bah

    (stoopid weahther has me in a mood)

  7. Emily: Cheers! I also bought a scarf in the same shop for €4 which seemed like a rip off in comparison, but I suppose it all balanced out really!

    T: I like the flat brogs idea, seeing as I'm incapable of wearing heels. We never went charity shopping because you thought charity shops smelled weird! Cheer up m'lady, the rain has stopped and there's a rake of drinking to look forward to on Thursday!

  8. Ohh lucky you...nice find! You have to come to France, the vintage markets are amazing!


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