Friday, March 05, 2010

Fuck You Very Much, Ticketmaster

They're both strangely yet super attractive in their own way. They crack me up like no man's business. Let's face it, they're pretty downright fantastic. (Albi the Racist Dragon, anyone?)

They appear to have sold out two Dublin shows in the Olympia in less than three minutes. Thanks a bunch to Ticketmaster for the unnecessarily confusing and increasingly illegible security checks. Also a big shout out to the Master of Tickets for emailing me an ad for "Get Me In!", mere minutes after nine o'clock. Apparently it's their other company where "fans" (I use this word with unrestrained sarcasm and venom) can buy and most importantly sell tickets to major events. Seeing as the site was proving to be useless in my quest for a humble two tickets, I chanced this other site, thinking "Well, it's Ticketmaster right? They'll hardly be allowed to screw you completely on the price, cos it's probably all monitored and whatnot, RIGHT?"


At seven minutes past nine, some amoral cunt has got twelve, count 'em, TWELVE tickets in two of the Circle rows. Have a look.

In sterling. For more than twice the price. And this "Get Me In!" pile of bullshit has the absolute fucking cheek to use this as a tagline.

Oh right, I get it. When you say true fans you mean evil, money grabbing, repulsive, greedy fuckbags who want to cash in on ACTUAL fans' desperation for tickets and screw us in the process.

Right, glad you cleared that up for me.


Edit: According to they sold out in twenty seconds. Twenty effing seconds like. I fail to see how anybody could have managed to get tickets apart from the presale. Still raging.


  1. ITS SHITE. I have just been on the same site. Apparently tickets are no less than £80. Some even going for £499. WHAT?!?!?! I guess I'll stick to not going. Booooo.

  2. Raaar I'm still fuming! It's so lousy!

  3. A few friends and I are going to the 6th of May show. I can ask around and see if anyone has any spares?

  4. I will actually love you forever if anyone does.

  5. thats no good to meeeeeeee haha

  6. Ugh that is sickening, twenty seconds, that's literally impossible, as if that many people could get them bought that quickly online and in the shops its even slower....conspiracy!!


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