Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fire in the Disco

One night back in November, after a few pints in The Stag's Head, the Bear and I sang (I use this term most vaguely for myself) backing vocals for The Dead Flags in a studio in Temple Bar. Followed by more pints in The Stag's Head. The Bear had been asked along to the studio because he's rather loud you see and would count for approximately 2-3 regular people noise-wise. I went along because I happened to be there at the time and figured if there was ever a way to get a credit on the back of an album this was probably a good one.


THIS RIGHT HERE is the new single Let's Start A Fire Tonight, which features me, the Bear and a group of people who can actually sing, providing vocals of the backing variety. The album is out on 9th April. Expect blatant and frankly shameless plugging of it when the time comes.

Oh yes.


  1. You're practically a superstar, KC!

  2. I know right! Even though I can't even hear myself on the song (most likely a good thing) my name will be there on the album nonetheless. Yesssss.


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