Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After Work Pints

Last Friday I was informed that I "had a head on me like a kid's TV presenter" and that I should've been on Bosco. Which I was pretty happy with, considering how badly a statement from a stranger that begins with "D'ya know what you're like.." can go. This observation was from a random guy called Deckie who had struck up a conversation with the Bear outside The Stag's Head, solely based on the fact that he too was a big beardy long haired man. In fairness to him, Random Deckie provided us with a good three and a half pints worth of rants, stories and shenanigans. He'd been out since two o'clock the previous day. I have no idea what was keeping him going but it made for some damn funny conversation. Especially the story about how he went to college with a guy whose mother was the voice of Bosco and a rant that involved the phrase "it'd be like sucking off Robocop".

I just wish I could remember what that one was about.


  1. I love meeting random people on a night out. Although i can't normally remember much the next morning, unless i've taken my camera out. Makes flicking through the photo's more fun trying to remember who each random is and where we befriended them!

  2. Oh Jaysus Titch, many's the morning after where myself and T have gone through the camera and thought "Whaaat?"

  3. Lookee! That picture used to be the header on my blog, before it turned into a red light before it turned into nothing at all.

  4. I knew I'd seen it somewhere before! This will sound terribly weird but I had a dream last night that you came to live in our apartment and you were some grumpy fucker. Make of that what you will. I'm sure you're wonderful craic in real life!

  5. I've always been told how dreamy I am.

    I have approximately seven moments of utter grumpiness per day, but the rest of the time I'm charm personified.

    I'd make an excellent housemate, too, if I didn't live alone. So very alone.


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