Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yiz Pricks

Myself and Kitty and a few others went to The No Pricks comedy gig last night in Slattery's. For those of you who don't know what this is the general gist is this; Jarlath Regan he of The Panel fame set up this show for comedians to try out new material before the Edinburgh shows. Apparently the 'no pricks' thing comes from the fact that the majority of comedy venue owners are pricks and the usual type of person who goes to a comedy show is a prick too! Although the people who go to these particular shows aren't... obviously. Although a few pricks did show up last night. sssake.

Last nights gig had Jarlath Regan as MC and some of the acts included Aidan Bishop, Michael Mee and Elenor Tiernan.

It was a good show lots of laughs although the prick who showed up kinda ruined it for the first two comedians. He wasn't so much as heckling more just talking really loudly and acting the prick, ironically. He got so prickish that the crowd turned on him and his buddies and told him to, and I quote "fuck off" "just go" "get out" and the inevitable "your a prick" eventually Jarlaith did have to point to the a4 page with the No Pricks 'logo'. He did eventually fuck off though I think more because they wouldn't serve him and his mates behind the bar rather than the finger pointing. As they were leaving everyone's eyes were on him and as the door closed on him and as his silhouette disappeared from our view we cheered our freedom. Wahey we cheered. The next act had it easy because the audience had relaxed and probably would of laughed at the death notices. He was funny though.

Comedians are so brave though standing up in front of an audience I could never do it you'd be morto like. Unfortunately the next gig is not till May, which is disappointing because they are really good shows. So clear your diary for all of May and join there facebook group for further updates. However if you think you are a Prick or you've ever been called a prick don't bother we will turn on you and probably ass rape you... ah i'm only messing sure that's illegal.

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  1. Hahahaha! Still laughing at that douchebags photo, deadly!


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