Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thurty Tree and a Turd

So myself and herself headed of to a preview screening of the worst film ever made, EVER and that includes "Maid in Manhattan". (lucky escape J-lo lucky escape). The only thing that was good about the film was the free booze before hand the end credits. Yer man's accent is just woeful, I dunno what hole he was dragged from and I'm sure he's great in other films (the yellow dude in "Watchmen") but in this one he was Utter Shit. Which I believe is the technical term for that kind of acting. Matthew Goode shame on you and your crap accent. I thought shit oirish accents were a thing of the past but just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water some cunt comes along and fucks it up Darby O'Gill style.

His over pronunciation of any word that has an 'a' in it and i quote "cAAArrots, cAAAbage" really sticks the knife in and twists it and twists it.

He wasn't the only one in the film though, as you might of guessed from the god awful poster. That Amy Adams wan is in it too and is just soooo painful. I think she was only cast because she has red hair.

They try to convince us that the Gap of Dunlow is just outside Dingle which its self consists of one pub and a few houses dotted around according to this film. Glendalough apparently is in Tipperary now, funny I'm from Tipp and I never knew!

There really is so much wrong with this film that I'm getting a headache talking about it! So take it from me it's shit don't go!

I can see this film on some monday bank holiday on RTE. sssssake!



  1. the flawlessly airbrushed promo poster was a bit of a giveaway...

  2. Oh my GOD he was Ozy in Watchmen?! That's shocking. It really was woeful wasn't it. Headwrecking how he kept pronouncing bob as bAAb and randomly rolled his Rs all over the shop.

  3. I saw the trailer on tv.

    I still have nightmares.

    Completely horrible shit!

    Did you see the car he was driving!?! This reminds me of an episode of JAG i saw when i was younger where Ireland seemed to still be in the 50s!


  4. Har har. You poor things. Want to watch it now just for masochistic purposes.

  5. Oh Jesus I watched it online on a "hangover day". You hit the nail on the head T but what about walking from Dingle to Tipp in a day?!, public transport doesnt run on Sundays and there are phone boxes everywhere which is the only mode of communication!!! Brutal

  6. Sure doesn't everyone know Glendalough is in Tipperary....

    I'm so disappointed....Amy Adams usually picks really good films ....shame!


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