Monday, February 08, 2010

Grey Ladies

Every so often, I get slightly obsessed with certain things and will Google them to bits, reading up all I can on them before they settle back into the saner category of Things I Really Like. Burlesque, Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the character of Psylocke from X Men, to name but a few. Anyway. The most recent of these Things I Can't Get Enough Of Right Now is Grey Gardens.

Last Halloween at the Rocky Horror Show in the Sugar Club, a girl dressed as a witch started telling me all about this amazing seventies documentary about a mad mother and daughter living alone in a manky old mansion in the Hamptons. I sort of forgot all about it until the documentary and film were on telly over Christmas and I just became fascinated by the whole thing. The story is really very sad, a socialite mother and daughter, Big Edie and Little Edie Beale, who spiralled from a super glamourous lifestyle to living together as broke, crazy cat ladies getting on each other's nerves in a huge squalid house with an attic taken over by raccoons.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange absolutely nailed their parts in the film version. Drew had Little Edie down perfectly, and in the flashback scenes where the film pieces together the gradual descent of the Beales, Drew has never looked better. I think every time it went to a flashback I audibly gasped because every single thing she wore in those scenes was pure gorgeousness. Behold!

It's like eating sweets for your eyes. Just lovely!


  1. oooh. love the blouse in the second pic. Drew Barrymore def has a visually addictive quality.

  2. She sure does, she's just super amazing in Grey Gardens I couldn't get over it!

  3. Mmmmmmm Alan Rickman!!!

    And AMAZING!!! How much FUN are Rocky Horror Nights.....I love being ENCOURAGED to shout things at the scream and throw stuff, all while having giant hair and random whore clothes on! Sweeeeeeeeeet!

  4. He's TASTY, aul Alan isn't he! His voice would make your knickers fall off instantaneously! And the Rocky Horror is SO MUCH FUN. It's on again this weekend for their Anti Valentine's Night, can't wait!

  5. I got it out of Laser just last week. Very enjoyable but very sad.



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