Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We're Breaking Up...

Ah I'm only messing sure who else would have us but alas it is the end of an era here at Red Lemonade Towers. Herself is moving in with her boyfriend and I am moving in with my buddies to pastures new. Sure twas bound to happen eventually although I always thought it would be me who would be moving in with the boyfriend first but situations being what they are herself gets that 'first'. Anyhu we have been living together since 2002 with a year off in the middle for good behaviour. That's seven years people some relationships don't last that long (some not mine). We literally know pretty much everything about each other at this stage. And last night as I was packing up my stuff I realised that as well as I know them, I don't know Mazatron and the Hulk well enough to just wander into their room and 'borrow' some clothes or some eyeliner or use their hairdryer without them being there or without asking as was the case more often than not with K to the 'itty'. If Kitty couldn't find something in her room she would go into mine and find it there.

We are alike in so many ways and nuances that would sometimes maybe weird people out. For example our, weird crushes' were very similar, as was our love of the same TV shows (don't think we ever argued about what was on the telly) I will prob have to watch Dr. Who in her gaff as I don't think the other two will be down with that. We tended to 'get into' the same things around the same time also which was very hand. Harry Potter for example, we have a bit of an obsession with the wizard, (I had to hold back a tear last night when packing my books, as I tore some of the sleeve on 'half blood prince'. i'm ok really im ok... snnniiifff).

But not only are we moving to different homes but she's moving all the way over to the north soide! So if anyone sees a kitty hanging around with a bear over there don't fret they are not dangerous. They have been tamed and are toilet trained also.

So anyway that chapter in our lives is over now and a new chapter opens, for her mostly, as she has to not only live with a boy, but she has to share a room with one now too (ah ewww!). Anyway the next few posts from us during the coming weeks will be interesting i'm sure.

Good luck and thanks, k!


  1. Awwwww. It's so Rachel and Monica-esque.

    You gave me a fright though - I thought ye were ending the blog! noooooooooo.

    Good luck with the moves girlies x

  2. Good luck. I share a room with a boy and it is a bit ewwwww i must say. Methinks you might have the best deal!! ;)
    Townygirl x

  3. Awh that's sad! I found it hard moving out after living with my best friend for just a year ....on the Northside :P
    Now I'm living with The Boy and while I love it, I do miss living with the Bessie, cos let's face it, girls rock!

  4. I lived with my best friend for two and a half years in Dublin and I don't think I'll ever be so happy living with anyone ever again (don't tell my lover). It was very sad when we had to break up and move out of the smallest and girliest gaf in the whole wide world, but all good things must come to an end. Best of luck to you both in your new abodes. And remember, ye'll always have Paris.

  5. that was hilarious, so hard breaking up the living arrangement with a best bud. it's never the same. and for a stinky boy?


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