Saturday, January 30, 2010

Judge Judy and Executioner

Well, as TCup has already mentioned, she, Mazatron and I are having something of a difficult time getting our deposit back from our former landlord, who shall henceforth be known as Cuntbag McGinty. We have a list of emails going from last June to now where the general gist is us getting onto the letting agent (AKA The Most Pointless Man in the World and henchman for Cuntbag) about all the things that needed fixing and sorting in the house, him saying "Have those things been fixed yet?" or "Hope everything is sorted now???" (with that many question marks in his actual email, I might add. Not only is that irritating and reminiscent of a fourteen year old girl's diary entry, it's just downright unprofessional), us replying "No. They haven't actually." over and over up to the point where the house got broken into and we decided we'd had enough and were getting the fuck out.

Cuntbag McGinty seems to think he's within his rights to keep our deposit because we're leaving early, even though we've pointed out that the reason we're leaving is down to his complete neglect of his duties as a landlord. Anyway. We're taking the fucker to the PRT motherflippin B adjudication service to get our money back, and it looks as though he's not registered with them, which I'm hoping to Jessica Fletcher he's not, as it'd mean a €3000 fine for him or even a few months in jail which would be just fantastic.

I've got my fingers crossed for Judge Judith Sheindlin. How effing great would that be?

Yeah. That'd show him alright.


  1. Oh My God.

    My Landlord did the exact same thing to me and my ex. We left early coz he completely neglected to look after the house. We lived like squatters in a place with no tiles (on the floors, or walls) for about 4 months. Then he got the hump when we left 2 months early.

    We contemplated writing 'This house is shit' in shit before we left. But we are far too polite.

    I hope Cuntbag McGinty gets whats coming to him! x

  2. That sounds awful Little Lady! It's amazing what some landlords think they can get away with, did you get your money back in the end?

    We were more than tempted to lob a brick through the window of the house as we left. Who knows, we might even go back and do just that if it comes to it!

  3. so many buttwipes, so few hand grenades available. we had similar trouble with a landlord once, luckily (ish) he's a gard so i threatened to pop along and have a chat with his boss. i like the pooh idea meself.
    Townygirl x

  4. We didn't get our money back Kitty Cat but that's coz we were devious and told him he wasn't getting his last 3 months rent so he could keep the crummy deposit. He must have realised what a dick he was being because all has been quiet on the Western front since we left. Hope it keeps that way.

    Yeah, i say go with the brick. I don't usually condone vandalism and violence but these rules set out mean nothing as everything seems to be in the Landlords favour and some of them need teaching a lesson!

    Rant over. x

  5. Please refer to my earlier rant about landlords and agents!!! Feckers, the lot of them!


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