Monday, January 04, 2010

It's a Jolly 'Oliday with Mary

Well that was quick. No more sleeping in and selection boxes, but back to work and the freezing cold office you say? Balls I say. Good old Christmas though, with movies aplenty and in my case, much coveting of costumes from said movies.

The first being Beetlejuice. As much as I love Winona Ryder's mopey goth get-up and Betelguese's monochrome stripey suit, they pale in comparison to the strangely sexy and mostly dead Miss Argentina afterlife receptionist. I was always sidetracked from the story by how she looked; why would a beauty queen be wearing a sixties sci-fi dress and cape and have bright red hair? Why is she such a luminous greeny blue colour? Is she an alien? In short, she looks AWESOME and might just become a ridiculously obscure Halloween costume for me at some point.

The second being Mary Poppins. While she certainly looks great with a little bow around her neck and her parrot head umbrella is rather amazing, what does it for me is the floaty, floofy white dress in the countryside scenes. Well, not so much the dress actually as the HOT red corset that goes with it. Miaow, Mary!

The third was from Sherlock Holmes. Well, the trailer actually, seeing as it mysteriously disappeared from the final cut of the movie. (Which itself is actually fantastic, and not least because of Robert Downey Ridebag.) On Googling this missing costume, it appears that I'm joined by myriad horny boys of the internet in being disappointed by its omission. Anyway, it was Rachel McAdams in a gorgeous Victorian corset and striped stockings. When I saw the trailer in the cinema I thought YES - I want to see a bit more of that please, Mr Guy Ritchie. But clearly Guy thought different. WHAT THE FUCK, GUY? So aside from rubbish screencaps, this was only half decent picture of it I could find, and the wagon isn't even standing up straight so you can't really see it properly at all. Sake.

Now, just where DID my last can of Tanora and that box of Maltesers go...


  1. I loved Sherlock Holmes a very lot but, oddly enough, Rachel McAdams didn't do much for me in it. Perhaps it was the lack of corset.

    Julie Andrews, on the other hand...rawr!

  2. Ha, Miss Poppins is quite the hot nanny isn't she! A lack of corset is indeed a terrible thing. Stupid Guy Ritchie.

  3. jesus kitty your not doing much to squash those gay rumours!

  4. Haha, well maybe I would if you'd stop spreading them! Anyway what are doing on the blog, you're in Thailand for feck sake, have a go on an elephant or something!


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