Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Can Haz Job?

Well, they've put the cat out at work. On the plus side, I don't have to suppress the urge to punch my now former boss each day and I'll have loads of time to pack up for the Big Move In with the Bear. (Which really translates to having loads more time to procrastinate seeing as I hate packing.)

Jessica, I'm back!


  1. Unemployment sucks. At least you can temper it with your cuddly bear housemate (!) and Murder She Wrote. Could be a lot worse really. (Which is what nobody really wants to hear when they have been let go. Sorry)

    P.s. I don't actually like Murder She Wrote. Hope there is no internet mechanism which henceforth banishes me from Red Lemonade. ;)

  2. I'll make an exception Conor...THIS time. Any more anti-Fletcher sentiments and you're out!

  3. Aw where would we be without Jessica!

    Hey, thought i'd drop by and let you know that i've left you an award on my blog:

  4. *swoon* Oh Jessica!!

    I love her SO much, that during my first year in college I joined The Murder She Wrote Society....the committeenever did anything so nothing was organised, but it was definitely unlifting to have that membership!!!!

  5. Ah shite, sorry to hear that.
    I know so many talented people who are out of work now, it frustrates me that I can't find some way of harnessing them all into some kind of supergroup.
    Or, failing that, that we can't all be doing community service and then get struck by lightning and gain superpowers like in that show, Misfits.
    Or was I the only one who watched that?

  6. You may well have been, Andrew. I was mostly just confused by the ads and then kept forgetting to watch it...


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