Friday, January 15, 2010

Hot Stuff, Coming Through

Lately, I have been mostly obsessed with this ad for Virgin Holidays. I love it. It's twenty one seconds of perfection as far as I'm concerned. I could watch it over and over, only I'm in work and have to have the sound turned off, seeing as "The Stripper" is the kind of tune that draws attention and all.

I'd love to have the balls to do something like that in real life. I'm such a sucker for anything vaguely burlesque related or retro-sexy. I wrote my third year dissertation in college on the origins of the pin up girl for feck's sake. I go weak at the knees looking at pictures like this. Yesterday I discovered that Christina Aguilera is filming a movie with Cher called Burlesque that will be out later this year. The plot reeks of Coyote Ugly, with a "neo-burlesque club" replacing the bar staffed with dancing dollybirds. It sounds like it'll most likely be sparkly, glittery rubbish but I know I'm going to want to see it anyway. Even though it'll have Cher's scary face in it for Jaysus sake. And that's surely saying something.

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