Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Have..

...a wedding coming up on the 13th of Feb. Have a few gunas but I've worn them to death as it is. So naturally enough I want a new one! Looking on Asos there and I saw this beaut. Lads, the minute I saw it, I had it all worked out, what shoes, what coat, what accessories, what hair and what make up to wear with it.

I bought those shoes i wanted as well on Monday (down from €125 to €22, jackpot!!) and i'm thinking a boyfriend blazer.

I must have it or at least some penny's lookalike effort!


  1. The material at the side of the dress is gorgeous. This will be very flattering m'dear

  2. it's pretty savage alright have to find a decent strapless bra this weekend and if that all works out then i WILL be purchasing the dress i have to. the faith of the world depends on it really!


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