Monday, December 07, 2009

Perfume Ads checklist

Well it's that time of year again where all the ads on the telly are trying to get your attention and get you into the siopa buying their wares! And even as I write this with the telly on in the back ground one or two or a million perfume ads have popped up. These ads must have a check list surely. They are pretty much all the same. Can you imagine the advertising studio when they are coming with the 'concepts'.

Advertising Genius; right so peeps can we loike go thru the checklist just to see do we have everything, ya?
Minions; ya sure roight so um the checklist

AG; Roight here we go! Moody male actor dressed in black or nothing at all/Female actress slash model prancing around like a mad wan
Minions; mmmm check

AG; Well known song but with an airy light filter effect, ya?
Minions; check

AG; The ad was done in Black and white for male / colour for a female, ya?
Minions; check

AG; Male Voiceover with an ability to say the title in a french accent?
Minions; check

AG; Ya fab lets do it!

(p.s. does anyone else have violent urges towards sienna miller when they see her head pop up in that gucci ad? no? anyone? just me then)


  1. The Lacoste Pink and "Touch of Pink" (eh what? why not "Less Pink" or "Not So Red"?) make me contemplate gouging the eyes out.

  2. Sarah is that the one with the girl running around after a kite or some such shit woeful!!


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