Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dear Santa first things first i want...

...these heels.

Available at Office

And here's why, this Thursday is mine and Kitty's first Chrimbo party for this festive season. The Fashion Bloggers' Brunch - Nov/Dec Bumper Christmas Issue if you will. Now I feel a little of a fraud of late as I have neglected the fashion side of this blog, even though I have splurged on one or two new items in recent times, most notable a fab red velvet vintage jacket that I bought for a song in London! (maybe I'll wear that on Thursday?) So anyway back to the brunch I'm looking forward to it, only problem is what the fudge do I wear? It starts at 6pm and I'll only be in the door from work and still in my smelly work clothes. So I've been thinking I'll have to up the stakes on Thursday in the wardrobe department at work so I can head straight there. I don't wear suits or pencil skirts to the office I usually end up wearing a pair of jeans and a hoody, now a fabulous pair of jeans and a fab hoody it most be noted, but still it's forest casual out the door. So Thursday might see me tottering into work with something a little bit more urban casual (I'm making this up as i go along) than forest! If you catch my drift, Santa?

I think Santa the rest is up to you! You have my address.

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