Wednesday, December 09, 2009

All That Jazz

"A 1920s-themed Christmas tree decoration party, eh?"

Is what I said to myself when the Bear took it upon himself to invite me to his friend's house party this Friday. While the craic is indeed bound to be mighty, what the flip am I supposed to wear to it? Especially since we'll be at yet another Dead Flags gig in Whelans beforehand. Yes, they're THAT GOOD. GO TO IT. (Upstairs at 8, a mere tenner in, you do the math...ok there's actually no math, don't worry. It was a trick.)

So back to my problem. While it would be a MINIMUM of twelve kinds of amazing to show up at Whelans looking like 1920s superfreak Theda Bara, before skipping off partywards into the night, with a bottle of rum in my vampy hand, it's unfortunately more than a little unlikely. Plus, it's rather chilly out to only be wearing snake shaped boob jewellery. And skipping would inevitably lead to various wardrobe malfunctions of the tits-falling-out variety. As it were.

Theda's got a bone to pick with you, bitch.

However, the most probable outcome will possibly be me in whatever I'd normally wear (unless I raid TCup and Mazatron's respective wardrobes and find that one of them has been harbouring a Velma Kelly costume all this time...) and a Penney's headband with a few stray seagull feathers jammed into it. Maybe not seagull actually, maybe a magic bird like this one will be somehow trapped in the back garden when I get home.

I'll go ask him why he's upside down and help him regain his freedom, all the while surreptitiously pilfering some of his feathers. He might get narky about it if he catches me but I'll explain my predicament and he'll understand and decide not to peck me in the eye.

Oh and I also have to bring a Christmas tree decoration. Hence the mouthful of a party title.


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