Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks dudes (yer very good!)

hello campers! so another year draws to a close and we just want to say a big thank you to you for staying with us and reading our ramblings on the wonderful world of random thought! hope you'll stick with us in 2010 and bring your friends too we love new people!

i'm off to the sun til the middle of January Kitty will be around though so drop by for tea and a bun and some red lemonade!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Buddy the elf, what's your favourite colour?

The gospel according Facebook has designated today as "Answer the phone like Buddy the Elf" day, which is all lovely and silly and Christmassy and soon someone's BOUND to ring me, right? I've been trying to feel Christmassy over the last while, I really have, but it seems to come in bursts and then work goes and ruins it all. I was starting to think that the powers that be in work may not actually be that bad, but I've since put it down to Stockholm Syndrome. Especially since I found out that we're most likely not finishing until 5 next Wednesday, while the boys in the printing room downstairs get to sneak off to the pub around 3. Something like that is inevitably going to kick any potential Christmas feeling right in the balls. And yet Christmas FM playing Stop the Cavalry and the Bing Crosby version of Jingle Bells on Tuesday evening had me bouncing and grinning on the Number 15 bus home like a ridiculously happy lunatic.

But the real super turbo Christmas feeling doesn't arrive until Christmas Eve. Every year, without fail, after the obligatory mass attendance, everyone in my Dad's family - aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's babies and what have you - arrives at my Grandad's house for a feed of little triangular ham sandwiches and Tanora.

Oh Tanora. Surely the drink of the Gods. If the gods were from Cork, like. Tanora (which is normally only sold in Co. Cork) is something of a Christmas tradition for this particular side of the family. When my Dad was little, the only time of the year that fizzy drinks were in their house was Christmas, and his mother being from Cork, that drink was Tanora. A particular Centra at home buys in Tanora at this time of year specifically for some of my uncles who live close by, and we've been known to stop in Youghal to pick up 15 two litre bottles and a few pallets of cans of tangerine awesomeness to stock up for the festive season. When I came back to Dublin after Christmas last year to spend the remaining holidays with the Bear, I happened upon cans of Tanora in the Glasnevin Tesco and excitedly texted my Dad a photo of them. My enthusiasm for this carbonated tangerine flavoured drink is frankly ridiculous.

During my second year of college in Cork, a 500ml bottle of it was brought out. It was a good day. When Tcup and another friend of mine tasted this most revered beverage, at my behest, for the first time, they took a drink and said: "It just tastes like Fanta." Heathens. Well to me and all my cousins it tastes like muthafuckin' Christmas time.




Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Now why didn't I think of that! More

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Istock Image Of The Day

T'other blog has been updated see what ye think guys!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

All That Jazz

"A 1920s-themed Christmas tree decoration party, eh?"

Is what I said to myself when the Bear took it upon himself to invite me to his friend's house party this Friday. While the craic is indeed bound to be mighty, what the flip am I supposed to wear to it? Especially since we'll be at yet another Dead Flags gig in Whelans beforehand. Yes, they're THAT GOOD. GO TO IT. (Upstairs at 8, a mere tenner in, you do the math...ok there's actually no math, don't worry. It was a trick.)

So back to my problem. While it would be a MINIMUM of twelve kinds of amazing to show up at Whelans looking like 1920s superfreak Theda Bara, before skipping off partywards into the night, with a bottle of rum in my vampy hand, it's unfortunately more than a little unlikely. Plus, it's rather chilly out to only be wearing snake shaped boob jewellery. And skipping would inevitably lead to various wardrobe malfunctions of the tits-falling-out variety. As it were.

Theda's got a bone to pick with you, bitch.

However, the most probable outcome will possibly be me in whatever I'd normally wear (unless I raid TCup and Mazatron's respective wardrobes and find that one of them has been harbouring a Velma Kelly costume all this time...) and a Penney's headband with a few stray seagull feathers jammed into it. Maybe not seagull actually, maybe a magic bird like this one will be somehow trapped in the back garden when I get home.

I'll go ask him why he's upside down and help him regain his freedom, all the while surreptitiously pilfering some of his feathers. He might get narky about it if he catches me but I'll explain my predicament and he'll understand and decide not to peck me in the eye.

Oh and I also have to bring a Christmas tree decoration. Hence the mouthful of a party title.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Place Your Bets

Henry's handling balls, Tiger's been sinking them where he shouldn't (and other such ball-related jokes), so what's going to go horribly and publicly wrong for Federer?

Monday, December 07, 2009

We started a new blog with our buddies

Check it out it's istockoftheday and it does exactly what it says on the tin! Have a look see what ye think!

Perfume Ads checklist

Well it's that time of year again where all the ads on the telly are trying to get your attention and get you into the siopa buying their wares! And even as I write this with the telly on in the back ground one or two or a million perfume ads have popped up. These ads must have a check list surely. They are pretty much all the same. Can you imagine the advertising studio when they are coming with the 'concepts'.

Advertising Genius; right so peeps can we loike go thru the checklist just to see do we have everything, ya?
Minions; ya sure roight so um the checklist

AG; Roight here we go! Moody male actor dressed in black or nothing at all/Female actress slash model prancing around like a mad wan
Minions; mmmm check

AG; Well known song but with an airy light filter effect, ya?
Minions; check

AG; The ad was done in Black and white for male / colour for a female, ya?
Minions; check

AG; Male Voiceover with an ability to say the title in a french accent?
Minions; check

AG; Ya fab lets do it!

(p.s. does anyone else have violent urges towards sienna miller when they see her head pop up in that gucci ad? no? anyone? just me then)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sweet Jesus...

this man is a ride!


Dear Santa first things first i want...

...these heels.

Available at Office

And here's why, this Thursday is mine and Kitty's first Chrimbo party for this festive season. The Fashion Bloggers' Brunch - Nov/Dec Bumper Christmas Issue if you will. Now I feel a little of a fraud of late as I have neglected the fashion side of this blog, even though I have splurged on one or two new items in recent times, most notable a fab red velvet vintage jacket that I bought for a song in London! (maybe I'll wear that on Thursday?) So anyway back to the brunch I'm looking forward to it, only problem is what the fudge do I wear? It starts at 6pm and I'll only be in the door from work and still in my smelly work clothes. So I've been thinking I'll have to up the stakes on Thursday in the wardrobe department at work so I can head straight there. I don't wear suits or pencil skirts to the office I usually end up wearing a pair of jeans and a hoody, now a fabulous pair of jeans and a fab hoody it most be noted, but still it's forest casual out the door. So Thursday might see me tottering into work with something a little bit more urban casual (I'm making this up as i go along) than forest! If you catch my drift, Santa?

I think Santa the rest is up to you! You have my address.