Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Offset 2009

Last weekend myself and my two friends Mazatron and N.dazzler heading to the inaugural Offset. What can I saw it was brilliant really well organised and plenty of big named speakers there to give the show a well deserved ovation.

The best of the best would have to be Massimo Vignelli and Harry Pearce of Pentagram on Saturday afternoon. I had never heard either speak before so I would of assumed that they were both corporate men, bit like 'Mad Men', as when you see them first they really do have this presence that for want of a better word overwhelms you however approachable.

Vignelli went from 1955 right up to present day showing all their designs from spoons to churches! He made the best comment about marketeers pretty much not knowing what they're talking about and that got an impromptu round of applause. He has a lovely smile and his basic message was don't follow trends and how one uses light is the key as it's the master of all. He said an Architect should be able to design from a spoon to a city. Which I liked. He was also responsible for the design of New York subway signage including the map. I have a bit of a thing for the London underground and I was aware that most of other Undergrounds are based on London's so seeing Vignelli's subway map made me swoon!
His partner/wife Leila also gave a talk on her work her jewellery is beautiful I can see where newbridge are getting their ideas!


Harry Pearce was just lovely really lovely. He came on stage a bit dishevelled looking dressed all in black with a pair of trainers He began by talking about 'LipaPearce' his own company with his friend Dominic Lippa right up to their work in Pentagram. He showed us that as a designer you should break everything down to it's simplest forms and that it's all about the message and the idea. He was great friends with Alan Fletcher and you can see that he misses the genius a lot. I think that he is most proud of his work for charity. His poster for 'Burma' was used as a symbol of Burma's plight throughout all the protests and was seen on news channels through the world.

Harry pearce

Anything I say here does not do justice to the weekend. There was so many other designers there that just made me fall in love all over again with my craft, as to be honest I was feeling a wee bit meh about it. I'm back at work now knowing I prob will have to wait a while before I can stop 'designing' pregnancy forms and start changing the world but I know I can, which is a start. I'm about to tip over I'm just full of Ideas!

Some other people giving talks that I enjoyed were David Shrigley, SHOWstudio.com, Oliver Jeffreys, Studio AAD, Experimental Jetset, Anthony Burell.

Oh I also learned that 'Helvetica' is the man!

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  1. Thanks Tcup....good post...some nice stuff to look up for me...:)

    Have also been feeling bleh about all things visual but yes...there is hope!

    Good luck with the world domination.


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