Friday, November 13, 2009

Not So Slinky Cat

Oh mo Dhia. What have I gone and done? Signed up for the Agent Lynch Burlesque workshop on the 21st, the day of the next Burlesque Ball, is what. At the Halloween Rocky Horror Show in the Sugar Club, the Bear and I were watching the supafine Miss Dotty Potts do her thing and I drunkenly thought aloud "I'd love to give that a go". And so the Bear convinced me to attend the very workshop I have now committed to. (That's right Bear, I'm blaming you.) Whilst reading up on the foxy lady in charge, I came upon the dress code:

Wear your most sparkly dancing heels, your slinkiest dress or skirt and the best pout and raised eyebrow you can muster!

Oh Jesus.

I own two pairs of heels, neither of which are remotely sparkly.

I don't believe I have a slinky dress. Also, slinky? I don't so much slink as I stumble into things. I'm doing well to get through a doorway without bumping into the frame.

I don't pout and I can't raise one eyebrow, despite my best attempts. I've always been ferociously jealous of anyone who can. (I made the mistake of telling this to a group of the Bear's mates one night, ALL of whom instantly raised one smug eyebrow at me. Bastards.)

Agent Lynch. On some sort of mission or other, presumably.

So I have no idea what to wear, what to expect, and a sneaking suspicion that I may very well trip over and land on my non eyebrow-raising face in the middle of the Goldfinger burlesque routine that we'll be taught.

But despite all that, I'm looking forward to it in a nervous kind of way. I've been utterly in love with the idea of burlesque for years now and just can't get enough of it, so hopefully if it all goes well I'll love it even more. Or I'll be a total disaster but still appreciate and swoon over it from the sidelines.

By the way, anyone else going? It'd be nice and a little less terrifying to know someone there!


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