Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Michael Caine Vs Horrible Skangers

Last night, the Bear and I decided on an impromptu cinema date, "sure we'll just show up and see what's starting around then" said I. Staring up at Cineworld's film listings, nothing was jumping out at us. 2012? No interest in seeing it. Jennifer's Body? I'm curious alright but not enough to risk a tenner. An Education? Bleh. Harry Brown? What's that? I don't believe I've heard of that one. A quick scan through the synopsis sorted it. We were both sold at the very mention of the word "vigilante". Sure who doesn't love a good vigilante, ass whooping, revenge movie? Taken, Payback, Death Wish, ALL SAVAGE.

This one is too, it's a bit like Gran Torino with a Landaaan accent and it's deadly. Everyone loves Michael Caine sure!



On a completely unrelated note, myself and Lady Tcup are reviewing that pinnacle of televisual reality, I'm A Celebrity Give Me A Job, over on

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