Sunday, November 29, 2009

He's Going To Be A Time Traveller

I think we can all agree (since I'm assuming that everyone watched the Late Late Toy Show. You all did, right?) that the absolute highlight of the entire show, the one who rose above all the overacheiving Billy Barry Brats, the precocious posh kids, the weird culchie child and even outshone the appearance of John and Edward, (despite one of them splitting their pants and saying "oh shit" on live national telly on the biggest kids TV event of the year) was the fantastically articulate, the amazing...John Joe.

The tweed suit, the eccentric mannerisms, the love of clocks...I had never even heard of horology until John Joe and he completely stole the show. Right this minute I'm watching the repeat to catch him again. Especially the part where the conversation moved on to Harry Potter and deadly little John Joe was too immersed in examining a clock that needs fixing to care what else might be going on.



  1. That child should have his own channel 4 documentary

  2. That kid is singularly the coolest human being that has ever been on the late late show.

  3. Have you seen his facebook page, priceless!! He had like 16000 followers by Saturday night!

  4. FL - I sure have, it was at around 10000 when I joined! Mad stuff.


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