Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Vodka?

Absolutly... see what i did there?

Did the title get your attention? It's not everyday you get offered a free bottle of vodka let alone a really cool ABSOLUT bottle this is what happen to me last week.

Rachel Garvey Conway Communications Hi there. We do some work with ABSOLUT and they want to send you a little something along with an invite to a very cool upcoming party….

Red Lemonade What will you be sending us? It's just we're both at work so i'm wondering if the 'little something' will fit through are letter box at our house?

RG It’s the new limited edition ABSOLUT ROCK EDITION vodka so it is a bottle.

RL That's cool can it be delivered today before twelve if possible!?

RG Apologies, I spent all of yesterday in meetings so didn’t get your message until last night. I could send it out to you today if you are available, or Monday if that suits better?

RL Hey rachel we keep missing eachother! Yea monday is fine i won't be in the office myself but there'll be someone there to get it. Thanks again!

RG The courier will drop it to the office shortly.

RL received that bottle thanks rachel!!!

So a big thanks to Rachel and ABSOLUT for the bottle and the invite to the swanky party that was held in The Sugar Club. Which I have to say is a really cool venue.

Anyhu anyone else want to send me free drink feel free!!

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