Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Talkative Bob

Tonight, at about 8.30 I'll be squeaking excitedly next to the Bear in a Block F seat in Vicar Street. You see, KEVIN SMITH will be arriving onstage right about then, and I'll be doing all that I can not to abseil down to the stage and hug the bejaysus out of him. He scores rather highly on my List Of People I Want To Hug, as do Justin Lee Collins, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen (more so when he was beardy and cuddly though, circa Knocked Up. He's slipped down the list somewhat in the last while) and Matt Berry.

Needless to say, I cannae fecking wait.

I saw this YouChoob clip over on Ray Foley's blog quite some time ago and laughed my ass off. Now, it IS almost twenty minutes long and those of you (like me) with short attention spans are quite possibly thinking "No flipping chance missus, i'd rather...ooh something shiny!". BUT, trust me, it's worth watching. Well, it's certainly worth watching if you like Kevin Smith as much as I do and it is a pretty funny story. So just click play and whisht up down the back there.

And then watch this and be all conflicted and amused if you like Tim Burton as much as Kevin Smith. Which I do.

I'm going to see Silent Bob! HOORAY!


  1. Jaysus, your "List of People I want to Hug" is spookily like mine. Even down to Seth Rogen slipping down the list. And Matt Berry - hells yeah!

    wish I was going to see Kevin Smith tonight. Have you been following him on Twitter?

  2. I do love a bit of Matt Berry alright, and Seth really isn't as cute now that he's gone all slimline and clean shaven is he!

    Have to say I'm not one for Twitter really, T Cup is the Twittererer of the duo so I don't know what he's been up to! And get back to blogging you, it's been flipping ages since you posted!


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