Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday She Wrote

Angela Lansbury, lovely wily old Jessica Fletcher, who kept me company in my unemployment till The Infernal Afternoon Show returned is 84 today! And just look at what a little knockout she was. Hottie!


And in honour of the lady herself, here are some things I didn't know about her:

* Her son was a follower of none other than Charles Manson's gang. After the Sharon Tate murders, she moved the family to Cork to help him kick his drug problems. Cork! I went to college in Cork, we could have been friends Angela! I could have been your clumsy-but-lovable Murder She Wrote sidekick, it would have been great!

* She holds the record for the most Emmy nominations without a single win, she has been nominated twelve times (Twelve like! Count 'em!) for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and NEVER won. The thieving bastards.

* She was offered the role of Nurse Ratchet in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest but turned it down because she didn't think she could handle the role. Silly buttons. There's nothing that Jessica Fletcher can't handle.

* When MGM took her on they wanted her to change her name to Angela Marlowe but she refused. Yeah! Nobody tells Jessica what to do!

* She was considered for the role of Miss Caswell in All About Eve, but Marilyn Monroe was cast in the part instead. Flipping Marilyn stealing Jessica B. Fletcher's roles. Wagon.

Schwing schwing!!
(I watched Wayne's World 2 earlier this week. Can you tell?)

Happy birthday Jessica B!


  1. My god, she was a pretty thing! Who'd have thunk it?

  2. So confused... can't be attracted to Jessica... but she's hot... but she's Jessica... hot... Jessica... hot... Jess-ic-a... Ahhhhhh!!!!!

  3. Jaysus, she was fucking gorgeous. I feel dirty now.


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