Tuesday, October 06, 2009

De Apprentice: this years bitch award goes to...

...this 'wan'

i know it's harsh to judge these people as granted i've never met them nor do i want to tbh, but that AoiFFe wan's attitude would want to seriously change she has to be one of the most unprofessional people ever to appear on the show. Whatever about mocking someone and giving out about them behind the camera to do it in front of the cameras and in front of the nation, knowing the person will see it later on? Aoiffe love cop on.


  1. her eyes are like those Jesus pictures that follow you...

  2. she is really imature isn't she. dong nasty impressions of people behind their backs....tres professional not!
    Townygirl. x

  3. Yeah. "I delegated that job to you" in first episode was the best line yet. Sounded like something from a school yard. What a fanny.

  4. Why is half her face so surprised looking?

  5. actually yea,one half of her face is completely different to the other...maybe thats why she's such a beech..

  6. As an Aoife myself I find that I get uncontrollably pissed off when her name comes up on screen, why the 2 F's??? theres no need for 2 F's!!!

  7. The whole show is rubbish. Bill Cullen himself can barely speak English. The amount of product placement makes a joke of the production.

    Low grade TV3 M50 belt rubbish.


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