Friday, October 30, 2009

Mind the Gap

It’s all been a bit quiet here in Lemonade Land, has it not? In case anyone was wondering, this is partly because I’ve gone and gotten myself a JOB. Imagine that! As soon as I did get it however, I promptly took two days off to go swanning around London with the Bear for an extra long long weekend, as you do. I got a brilliant picture of a squirrel, ate my body weight in Krispy Kreme doughnuts and had pistachio shells thrown at me by a rival table because our team were slightly cheating at a pub quiz. Douchebags. Also I got stung by Ryanair for €35 on the way over because my suitcase was an inch too big to fit into their poxy hand luggage frame. But more of that later. For now, it’s procrastination time in work already, and I’m googling Rocky Horror outfits in preparation for the Halloween show in Das Sugar Club tomorrow night.

Oh it’s on.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Offset and Anthony Burril

I got this email this morning, Now I usually ignore such emails as they are often just spam mails or some PR company wanted us to mention some crap but I looked the guy up and have to say I really like his work. So take a wee look!

BT2 are getting involved with Off Set -

One of the creative talkers Anthony Burrill has designed a range of exclusive menswear t-shirts that will be sold exclusively in BT2 Grafton Street from next Monday 26th October to 9th November.

Anthony Burriell is a UK creative and has showcased his creations in Colette in Paris, Tate Modern and also has a huge fan base across the world.

In addition to the BT2 T-shirts (image attached) he has designed a window wrap that will grace the windows of BT2 Grafton Street for two weeks.

I would really appreciate if you could mention on your blog! Check out his website and the Off Set program it is really cool!

BIOG on Anthony Burrill
Anthony Burrill is an independent designer and illustrator who works in a broad range of activities, including print, film and internet. After studying Graphic Design at Leeds Polytechnic he completed an MA in Graphic Design at the Royal College of Art, London. Where he created his now trademark technique for direct communication.

Anthony's uncomplicated style stems from his appreciation for simplicity, which was formed in his early handcrafted photocopy books. He has designed advertising campaigns for London Underground, DIESEL, Nike, Bupa amongst others, including the cult Hans Brinker Budget Hotel campaign. He has also produced web-based projects for bands such as Kraftwerk and Air, murals for Bloomberg, Priestman Goode and recently designed the identity for Kessel Kramer's inaugural London base - KK OUTLET.

Anthony recently held two exhibitions, The Right Kind of Wrong at The Biscuit Building, London in collaboration with Michael Marriott, and Geometry in Nature at Colette in Paris.

More at

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday She Wrote

Angela Lansbury, lovely wily old Jessica Fletcher, who kept me company in my unemployment till The Infernal Afternoon Show returned is 84 today! And just look at what a little knockout she was. Hottie!


And in honour of the lady herself, here are some things I didn't know about her:

* Her son was a follower of none other than Charles Manson's gang. After the Sharon Tate murders, she moved the family to Cork to help him kick his drug problems. Cork! I went to college in Cork, we could have been friends Angela! I could have been your clumsy-but-lovable Murder She Wrote sidekick, it would have been great!

* She holds the record for the most Emmy nominations without a single win, she has been nominated twelve times (Twelve like! Count 'em!) for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and NEVER won. The thieving bastards.

* She was offered the role of Nurse Ratchet in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest but turned it down because she didn't think she could handle the role. Silly buttons. There's nothing that Jessica Fletcher can't handle.

* When MGM took her on they wanted her to change her name to Angela Marlowe but she refused. Yeah! Nobody tells Jessica what to do!

* She was considered for the role of Miss Caswell in All About Eve, but Marilyn Monroe was cast in the part instead. Flipping Marilyn stealing Jessica B. Fletcher's roles. Wagon.

Schwing schwing!!
(I watched Wayne's World 2 earlier this week. Can you tell?)

Happy birthday Jessica B!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Talkative Bob

Tonight, at about 8.30 I'll be squeaking excitedly next to the Bear in a Block F seat in Vicar Street. You see, KEVIN SMITH will be arriving onstage right about then, and I'll be doing all that I can not to abseil down to the stage and hug the bejaysus out of him. He scores rather highly on my List Of People I Want To Hug, as do Justin Lee Collins, Nick Frost, Seth Rogen (more so when he was beardy and cuddly though, circa Knocked Up. He's slipped down the list somewhat in the last while) and Matt Berry.

Needless to say, I cannae fecking wait.

I saw this YouChoob clip over on Ray Foley's blog quite some time ago and laughed my ass off. Now, it IS almost twenty minutes long and those of you (like me) with short attention spans are quite possibly thinking "No flipping chance missus, i'd rather...ooh something shiny!". BUT, trust me, it's worth watching. Well, it's certainly worth watching if you like Kevin Smith as much as I do and it is a pretty funny story. So just click play and whisht up down the back there.

And then watch this and be all conflicted and amused if you like Tim Burton as much as Kevin Smith. Which I do.

I'm going to see Silent Bob! HOORAY!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Darkness Falls Across The Land

Last Thursday, the Bear and I got in the mood for playing our part in the South William Street Death Mob by going to see Zombieland. When I did a search for it in Google Images just now, I'd gotten as far as typing "zombie" when the helpful suggesty list popped up, top of which was...

Zombie Jesus eh? Sure you'd have to have a look wouldn't you? It turns out that some corners of the Internet have renamed Easter "Zombie Jesus Day", what with the whole rising from the dead, eat my flesh, drink my blood dealy. Which is pretty flipping funny as far as I'm concerned.


You may have also noticed that number five on the list was "zombie stripers". I can only assume that the people feverishly conducting searches for pictures of sexy, undead pole dancers with a taste for brains are terrible at spelling. However, it does bring me back to what the point of this post was supposed to be and that is how FUCKING AWESOME Zombieland is. (Even the Times Culture Magazine liked it, and they usually hate everything.) You see, the opening credits happen to feature a zombie stripper chasing a patron out of the club, zombie tits and nipple tassles bouncing in slow motion as part of the hilarious and scary title sequence. It's Shaun of the Dead but all flashy-like, in America, with Woody Harrelson as a pure rockstar at killing zombies (maybe he is in real life too. I kind of hope so). He's a superhero when he gets going, like Wolverine or Liam Neeson in Taken. Badass and brilliant. And it's also got some really helpful rules of survival for when the zombie apocalypse does strike.

I'm completely and utterly TERRIFIED of zombies. Especially when they run fast, the bastards, which in this film they do. And yet I find myself watching zombie movies regardless of this fact. Thriller near traumatised me as a child, but I used to watch a documentary video about the making of it all the time with my brother when I was little. I'm really properly scared of them but end up watching things with them in it nonetheless. Oh and I got really excited when I saw this book in the window of Chapters. But back to Zombieland! If I could just stay on the point. It frightened the bejesus out of me, to the extent that I had to hand the popcorn over to the Bear or it was going to end up on the floor since I was jumping and flinching so much. There were bits of it I had to watch through my fringe, especially when my fear of zombies and being chased by fast zombies was there on screen in front of me. Like this:


Even looking at this picture is making me all nervous and uneasy. But go see Zombieland, its hilarious and scary and clever and really very very gory. But they're zombies so it's ok and quite funny when they get flattened by pianos and lamped by fairground rides. Cos they're not real, right?


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Secret Cinemas and Saucy Rhyming

Ah unemployment. It does have it's benefits you know, and not just the Job Seekers variety. It also means that I can attend cinema screenings at 3.30 in the day, which is precisely what I did yesterday (thanks to Monsieur Doyle). The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus was being shown in a little cinema I'd never heard of, down a lane I'd never seen and behind a door you wouldn't even notice. Very Secret Squirrel.

Anyway, I thought the film was great. It's weird and trippy and gorgeous and funny and dark and pretty much what you would expect from Terry Gilliam. Lily Cole stole the show for me as sexy, tinkling (statutory!) Valentina. Her face is bloody fascinating and she looked fantastic in everything she wore (and didn't wear) onscreen.

Tom Waits is super slick as the devil and the boys popping up to replace Heath works seamlessly into the story. I thought it was deadly but I know some people won't like it at all. Not least because I heard someone behind me at the end of the screening whisper "that was shit". But he probably kicks puppies for fun, so don't listen to him.


On a completely unrelated note, the Bear and I won Maxi Cane's October Filthy Butt Fun competition with our tag team approach and mad rhyming skillz. We're now the proud winners of a €50 voucher to spend as we see fit anseo. Oh the possibilites!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

De Apprentice: this years bitch award goes to...

...this 'wan'

i know it's harsh to judge these people as granted i've never met them nor do i want to tbh, but that AoiFFe wan's attitude would want to seriously change she has to be one of the most unprofessional people ever to appear on the show. Whatever about mocking someone and giving out about them behind the camera to do it in front of the cameras and in front of the nation, knowing the person will see it later on? Aoiffe love cop on.