Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Prudence Beauty Awards

So last week we attended our first beauty awards. Hosted by Prudence Magazine and was held in the Radison Blu hotel near Upper Stephens St. (or is it actually ON Upper Stephens st. looks a bit out of place if you ask me in the middle of all the flahss) Anyhu i digress, myself and kitty tottered up in our red heels and gold sparkle shoes (the shoes aren't pictured which were the statement piece in the whole outfit, sssake) for the free wine and the free goodie bags! We brought our friends ms dizzle and mazatron with us, as our plus ones and had a good auld laugh as well, at the thought of life sized beauty products accepting their awards and thanking god and their mammy! The Style there was fab loved the red and black poka dot dress on Alexia, Prudence’s fashion editor.

this was my attempt at style!

The goody bags it would seem were all slightly diff, the girls got a few 'yes to carrots' sachets of delight and some nail varnish, whereas I got a night cream with nanotechnology in it(?), I cant pronounce or spell its name, it goes something like this 'zianlxyz...' anyway what ever it is I'm liking it so far!

Well after several glasses of free wine later and a few (i say a few, i had no dinner so i pretty much had all of the spring rolls that were on our table) and a lovely chat with hermione about our shared love of bruce we tottered off again into the night to 'Anseo' and started on the pints! Think we had a wee row about the cleaning in the house I have a vague memory of saying "well if ye'd prefer to sit in a pig sty!" watched that bbc three programme with the werewolf the vampire and the ghost, and then fell into the leaba into a drunken slumber!

good times!


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