Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Teddy Bears Picnic

Oh Electric Picnic. Fun despite the freezing cold wind and welly swallowing mud and sideways rain. It went something like this...

- Shouting "He's behind you!" at an unsuspecting onscreen Linsday Lohan during I Know Who Killed Me in the Cinema Tent. Which, by the way is the most awesome terrible movie I've ever seen, it's destined for cult status and should be screened like a panto with designated crowd actions, à la Rocky Horror. The Bear decided it was the second worst Lindsay Lohan movie he's seen, in which she plays a twin of herself.

- A can of cider and muffins for breakfast? Don't mind if I do!

- The Bear taking part in a sack race in the Village Green, and managing to wangle himself a yellow 3rd place rosette, even though he ended up getting a face full of Stradbally mud in the process.

- Bopping my face off in the Crawdaddy tent to the amazing Miss Imelda May while drinking Southern Comfort and apple juice with ginger beer, which incidentally is tasty as fuck.

- Catching a bit of Jape, more so to see the guy in the band who apparently looks EXACTLY like the Bear. He really does, as it happens.

- Spotting Aisling O'Loughlin off Xposé, who then put on a hat and sunglasses after she caught me looking at her. One pint of get over yourself, please.

- Being told by a random guy called Dave (I think) that I reminded him of Florence, she of the Machine, although that was undoubtedly more to do with the fact that I have a fringe and was wearing a glowstick headband and sparkly things on my face at the time. And he may not have been entirely sober.

- Frolicking through the lovely forest to find Tucan playing on the Salty Dog shipwreck stage.

- Realising that 2 Many DJs are in fact AWESOME-O.

- Being delighted with myself for choosing a chicken pie with mash and gravy from PieMinister because if food could taste like a hug, I believe this would be it.

- The Sugarhill Gang playing Billie Jean as a Jacko tribute and saving Rapper's Delight to the end, amazing!

- Being jealous of kids who managed to get a hold of the giant yellow balloons from the Flaming Lips set. Which was fantastic, trippy and superfun.

So...back to real life then. HA! I think not, eloping as I am to France for a week on Saturday with the Bear to attend his friends wedding. Hooray! Suck on that, reality!


  1. Sounds Good Kitty.

    You tying the knot too? :)


    "One pint of get over yourself, please"

    It's a classic already. Yoink.

  2. It's official I'm disgusted with myself that I didn't go this year, I've had such fun other the other times I went. No excuses for me next year, I'll be there with bells on


    The back of Hendrix was flooded with mud

    Hope you had a great festival!

  4. Sarah - Ha ha, unlikely, but maybe if I fill the Bear with enough wine...

    Ruth - Silly buttons! It's a guaranteed fun weekend, I hope you've learned your lesson!

    Rabbit - See we were all clever about it and camped in Charlie Chaplin, no mud, loads of room and a magic little walk through the forest to get to the stages. Poyfect!

  5. Pieminister food was definitely the tastiest food at the picnic. I agree!

  6. I will be there next year. *repeat* I will be there next year *repeat*

    I'm having a very begrudging morning, I can't be happy for anyone.


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