Thursday, September 03, 2009

T Minus One Day!

Ooh, it's getting closer closer and it's almost time for the three days of guaranteed deadly craic in a tent in a field that is the splendiferous Electric Picnic! I've (finally) gotten last year's Stradbally mud off my sparkly blue wellies, (kind of) decided what to wear for each day, seeing as I've been trying to decode possible outfits from this mess of colouredy stuff (and am changing my mind as I'm looking at it even now):

Every year it's the same thing though, on the first day I'll want to look really cool and deadly etc but by the time Saturday and Sunday roll around, I'll be decidedly subscribing to the school of not giving a shite anymore and just being glad I'm dry (please, PLEASE in the name of The Sugarhill Gang let it be sunny and dry and lovely this weekend). So I'll undoubtedly end up looking somewhat less Dita Von Teese at Coachella and rather more Edith Bowman at Glastonbury.

But that's alright too, as I've got my blue, red and purple pairs of tights at the ready, not to mention GLOW STICKS (hooray!), my Bear to play with, a morbid sense of curoisty as the Cinema Tent is showing Lindsay Lohan's masterpiece "I Know Who Killed Me", an urge to get my face painted, and a proper tent this time around! (Last year I foolishly decided that the €7 one man tents in Dunnes were a bargain not to be ignored and will never NEVER forget the misery of waking up on the Monday morning last year with wet hair and a runny nose. Sexy.)

Right, I'm off to pour 70cl of Captain Morgan's in to an empty Coke bottle and scavenge for the final items on my List Of Stuff To Get, namely bubbles, batteries and maybe a glitter pen of some sort...


  1. Maxi - Maybe in your imagination..?

    MM - Yay! I'm so excited!

  2. Ah, Captain Morgan's...
    i was undecided as to whether to go with whiskey or rum as my tipple of choice, but I think the Cap'n might be the only way to go.

    See you there, I'll be the one who's been drinking.

  3. Andrew - It's got to be the Captain every time, there's a well dressed pirate on the bottle, what more could you need?

    I'll be the one drunkenly fascinated with my glow sticks.

  4. Enjoy, Kitty!

    Love the fuschia print top to the top left of pic, btw, wear that!

    Rock on

  5. hope you enjoyed it as much we did here at Blaubushka..and the free Benefit makeovers were a nice surprise x


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