Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Glen, Vampires and a Table Quiz

Things that happened.

> Got demented drunk on Arthur's Day, my new favourite pretend occasion. T Cup and I managed to procure tickets to the South William to see David Kitt sing songs in a corner and I tried to give the illusion that I wasn't totally excited that Glen Hansard was drinking right next to us outside Grogans for the remainder of the night.

Hi Glen! No, over here Glen! Gleeennnn!

> Woke up the next morning with an enormous mystery bruise on my elbow of all places and not the faintest idea how it got there.

> Attended the outdoor screening of Nosferatu in Dartmouth Square on Friday night, a live band were playing the music for the film but I couldn't see the Engrish subtitles of the German intertitles what with all the heads in the way. Also, the two reincarnated meerkats in front of me didn't exactly help matters, springing up as they did every twenty seconds to read said subtitles and block my view in the process. If they were real meerkats it probably would have been all cute and endearing but in real life it was just a blonde bird getting in my damn way everytime. The film was quite good and still rather spooky, what with the mad scary head on him and all.

> Managed to soak my phone in cheap French rum (damn you Tico Tico Rhum Brun!) on the way to an outdoor Dead Flags gig in Ranelagh Gardens on Saturday. It's still a bit hungover and threw quite a few tantrums but I *think* it's almost back to normal now. Phew.

> Came 32nd in the Ray Darcy Show All Ireland Table Quiz last night with Team Dreamy Sleepy Nighty Snoozy Snooze (consisting of mise, T Cup, Miss Dizzle and Mazatron). Met lovely Lottie, ate lots of free wine gums and learned that Frankfort is in fact the state capital of Kentucky.

The end.


  1. that's FrankfOrt with an "o" now not a 'u'

  2. That was a lot of fun last night - but yes, pity it was a school night.

    And we came 14th btw...not gloating, just saying.

  3. T - Ah. Duly amended. Clearly I didn't actually learn anything then. Dammit!

    Lottie - Yeah you big liar, you said your team were doing badly too! Pshaw!

  4. Oh, I was at that Nosferatu screening, it was lovely. Kinda like having the Jimmy Cake soundtracking it. we ended up leaving before the end though, due to weak bladders. Dartmouth Square is far too posh to be pissing all over. it was already starting to feel a bit like the electric Picnic there.

  5. The Table Quiz was somewhat of a a blogger fest then. I spotted Lottie and Rick alright but was too nervous to go say hello.

    I ended up leaving town early on Arthur's Day becuase I couldn't hack the crowds. It must be my old age coming out again.

  6. Hey Kitty

    Sounds great. Wish was at the Nosferatu thing...the band is called 3 epkano, met the violinst in radio interview the night before!

    On a personal note, I also met Billy from the Dead Flags at said interview (The Sessions on Dublin City FM), and have some photos of the rocking set he did live. Would you be able to send me his email address as I want to send them to him? Thanks a mil, mine is sarahgostrangely {at} gmail {dot} com.

    Cheers deer!



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